Letters to the Editor endorsing Ginny Dickey for Fountain Hills Mayor.

Friends and neighbors who support Ginny Dickey for Mayor


Henry Leger supports

Dickey for Mayor

We are happy to add Henry Leger, a respected... and respectful... community volunteer and Councilman to our list of endorsements. Henry’s full statement:   "As a public servant, Ginny Dickey has a track record of putting community first, not self. She explores and supports solutions that take into account both resident and business needs, particularly relating to growth and economic development. Ginny is a true champion of the town’s community driven strategic plan and vision, which includes sustaining the quality of life we have all come to expect in Fountain Hills."

August 22, 2018

Tammy Caputi: All citizens deserve equal representation


August 22, 2018

Sheryl Ptak: Positive change


August 22, 2018

Roger Thyfault: Honest and up front


August 22, 2018

Carol Comito: Find the truth and vote


August 22, 2018

Cathy Buge: A sterling servant


August 22, 2018

Peggy Yeargain: Facilitate positive solutions


August 22, 2018

Kim Ptak: Civil servant


August 22, 2018

Ed Kehe: Represent all segments of our community


August 15, 2018

Gretchen Zurek: Love the town of Fountain Hills we all moved to.


August 15, 2018

Nancy Dailey: Common sense.


August 15, 2018

Gene Slechta: Works for the interests of the entire community. Always, always.


August 15, 2018

John McNeill: The soul of Fountain Hills.


August 15, 2018

Elizabeth Segal: Majestic mountain views.


August 15, 2018

Sandy Zinn: Respect our Town Codes.


August 15, 2018

Linda Jones: Hate has no home here.


August 15, 2018

Karl Ivarsson: “Together Everyone Achieves More.”


August 8, 2018

Gene Matusow: Cogent vision


August 8, 2018

John Zinn: Someone you can trust


August 8, 2018

Peggy Yeargain: Address concerns


August 8, 2018

Martha Iskyan: Impeccable ethical reputation


August 8, 2018

Ed and Dolores Kehe: We like Ginny, Mike and Alan


August 8, 2018

Bill Davis: School safety


August 8, 2018

David Adler: Look to the positive


August 8, 2018

Kim Ptak: Choose decency


August 8, 2018

John McNeill: Good government


August 8, 2018

Debbie Duckro: Verifiable history of trustworthy public service


August 8, 2018

Vanessa Davisson: Right to peace


August 1, 2018

Jerry Butler: Leadership that can deliver


August 1, 2018

David Adkins: Positive change


August 1, 2018

Sandy Zinn: Fountain Hills is better than this


August 1, 2018

Val Stasik: Decency and respect


August 1, 2018

Naomi Lerman: Safe and loving community


August 1, 2018

Sheryl Ptak: Reject dark politics


August 1, 2018

Crystalle Ebbinga : Listen and act accordingly


August 1, 2018

Ann Schweers: Non-partisan Vision


August 1, 2018

Alice Blackerby: Expect more


August 1, 2018

Sherri James: Journalistic integrity


August 1, 2018

Roger Westland: Deserves our vote

August 1, 2018

Lezlie Cox: Restoring faith in local government


August 1, 2018

Paul Queenan: Legacy of natural beauty


August 1, 2018

Cassie Hansen: Embracing our past with our future


July 25, 2018

Howard Iskyan: Broad and deep knowledge and experience


July 18, 2018

Rita Higgins:  Right Reasons


July 18, 2018

Kim Ptak:  Clarification!


July 11, 2018

Sandy Zinn: Informed, prepared and professional


July 11, 2018

Phillip Blackerby: Resident’s point of view


July 11, 2018

Carol Comito: Dedicated and diligent


July 11, 2018

Dave Long: Cooperative approach to solving our town’s challenges


July 11, 2018

Sherri James: The most positive, walking advertisement for Fountain Hills around


July 4, 2018

Barbara Hansen: Integrity, honesty and excellent problem solving skills


July 4, 2018

Sandy Zinn: Understands that we will need to consider a variety of ways to meet our budget

July 4, 2018

Kim Ptak: Unite, not divide


July 4, 2018

Debbie Duckro: Verifiable dedicated record of public service... understands our Town

July 4, 2018

Joe Hall: Compassion, knowledge, leadership and true grit to do what’s right for Fountain Hills


June 27, 2018

Lezlie Cox: Proven track record

You can’t help but see that developer Cecil Yates seems to be a single-issue candidate. His recent insert in The Times was all about development; his answer to the most recent question in The Times was answered as a developer; his advertisements even highlight his acumen as a commercial developer and he works for a commercial properties management firm. So how does this help Fountain Hills? Are he and his vision what we need in our next mayor?

Development in Fountain Hills hasn’t addressed the 30 percent commercial space vacancy, nor has he. The State Trust Land, his go-to solution, will take as many as eight years to sell a single house, and up to 18 years to build out – if it happens under the best of circumstances. The proposed “signature” swimming lagoon idea that he helped germinate went under water. He even helped open a business that closed. Development hasn’t saved Fountain Hills since Mr. Yates joined the council six years ago. His track record there is dismal.

Let’s not be misled to thinking that our roads will be paved, our lake liner will be replaced, or the fountain pumps will be repaired by “development,” nor that another restaurant, box store or mega auto center will solve aging infrastructure issues. They won’t. Not in Fountain Hills.

We require real, community-driven consensus solutions that can address our needs and a mayor that has a focus on what our community wants, not through the eyes of a developer.

We’re voting for somebody that has a proven track record and an experienced view of our community, who really cares what residents want and think. We’re voting for Ginny Dickey.


June 27, 2018

Kathy Florence: Vested in the community

It is interesting to compare Cecil Yates’ bio as it was published on the town website to Ginny Dickey’s bio as it was listed in 2014 when she served on the council.

Ginny describes her participation and involvement in Fountain Hills, having been elected for two terms as a councilwoman and two terms as a school board member, totaling over 16 years of service to this community.

She is in the Lower Verde Valley Hall of Fame for very good reason. She has been at every town hall strategic planning session since 1984 and she has served on committees and commissions for 35 years. She raised her three sons here, and all graduated from Fountain Hills High School.

Ginny’s professional experience staffing the Arizona Senate, working at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Arizona office of the US Attorney has given her an understanding of leadership at every governmental level. She has also been a founder/charter member of local clubs and organizations that serve our community.

According to Cecil Yates’ bio, his sole claim to fame has been to serve on the council for a term and a half. He has been a developer, a real estate agent and a property manager, yet these seem to conflict with his stated campaign goals of ‘smart growth’ and maintaining our quality of life.

With Ginny Dickey, we have a proven leader who is vested in this community. I’m voting Ginny.


June 20, 2018

Kim Ptak: Whole focus on public service and love of our thriving quality community

A very important distinction between the two candidates for mayor should be considered carefully.

Yates may be a successful commercial real estate property manager with various awards in that field (see ad in last week’s paper congratulating himself, paid for by himself). But does that make him the best choice for mayor, which is a public servant office?

Or would Ginny Dickey be the better choice, whose whole career has been public service on school boards, town council, at the state capitol and numerous community service committees in Fountain Hills for decades? Where are their biggest priorities?

Too often we have seen examples of people with high profile businesses, especially in real estate, get into office and get caught up in corruption scandals because the temptation to double dip, feather their own nest and exploit the office for personal gain is apparently just too great. The current APS/AZ Corporation Commission Federal case is one of many current and past examples.

If Yates is so great at commercial real estate, why did he let the commercial real estate developer of the downtown debacle try to intimidate the council to get out of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars the town desperately needs? When the town attorney tried to go after the developer for the money, Yates angrily admonished and voted to fire the attorney in a public meeting. Yates was also on board with the crazy and costly lagoon project going forward.

Yates’ real estate job is potentially a time and ethical conflict of interest and, therefore, is a liability, not an asset. Ginny Dickey’s whole focus is and always has been her love for making the town and community of Fountain Hills a thriving commercial, cultural and environmentally quality place to live. Please vote Ginny Dickey for mayor!


June 20, 2018

Naomi Lerman: Well-educated, versatile community leader committed to her hometown with no motivation other than public service

Reading Councilman Yates’ bio on the Town website, I was struck by what he chose to emphasize and the absence of voluntary community activity. Yates presents himself as a businessman and property manager and literally works for the leasing company for Park Place. I am concerned about a conflict of interest.

Ginny Dickey’s bio, on the other hand, demonstrates a long-time dedication to the town of Fountain Hills, including having served on the town council from 2006 to 2012.

Additionally, Ginny has been inducted into the Fountain Hills Hall of Fame and served on the Fountain Hills School Board for eight years. Ginny was a charter member of the Fountain Hills Cultural Council, Community Theater Board and has participated in all Town Hall planning sessions since 1984.

She co-chaired the Fountain Hills Centennial Committee and has been designated “Woman of the Year” by the Business and Professional Women.

Ginny received her BS in mathematics from Tufts University, worked for the State of Arizona in a security-cleared position working with law enforcement, corrections and at-risk neighborhood outreach.

She has lived in Fountain Hills for 35 years, raised and educated three sons here and has participated in innumerable volunteer activities including PTA and Kiwanis.

So, in contrast to her opponent’s business and real estate background, Ginny presents the picture of a well-educated, versatile community leader committed to her hometown with no motivation other than public service.

June 20, 2018

Alice Brovan: Diligently works to evaluate and understand, and listens carefully to consider divergent views

How fortunate we are as citizens of Fountain Hills to have Ginny Dickey as a mayoral candidate who will lead the community we all treasure for one reason. She is not on a political journey to acquire rewards for herself or any personal business interests, to gain escalating political recognition or to attain professional and social esteem.

Her motivation for taking on this role is to lead our community in the creation of a partnership resulting in economic stability, educational and environmental standards that bring pride to Fountain Hills and the maintenance of a supportive environment for everyone.

An extraordinary intellect, Ginny Dickey works diligently to evaluate and understand all aspects of municipal issues and at the same time listens carefully to consider divergent views from critics and associates. There can be no better candidate to lead our community. Please join me in the election of Ginny Dickey as our new mayor.


June 20, 2018

Crystalle Ebbinga: A leader with extensive civic, educational and political leadership experience

No doubt, Cecil Yates has admirable qualities learned through his business in development. I do not choose to disparage anyone’s leadership abilities in their chosen field.

However, in the office of Fountain Hills mayor we hope to elect a person with extensive civic, educational and political leadership experience. Ginny Dickey has dedicated herself to serve the Town of Fountain Hills and the State of Arizona, in one capacity or another, since the 1980s.

We all know that Ginny Dickey faithfully served on our Fountain Hills Town Council for eight years, 2006-2014. But did you know that her service to our community began in 1984 as a delegate to the Fountain Hills Town Hall’s Strategic Planning? In 1988 she became a board member on our beloved Fountain Hills Theater. She served on the Fountain Hills Centennial Committee and also served two terms as a board member on the Fountain Hills Unified School District.

Statewide, Ginny utilized her skills in the US Attorney’s Office as contracted program coordinator and she served in the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, as assistant to State Senator Ruth Soloman, on the Valley Citizen’s League, Metropolitan BPW and Arizona Advocacy Network.

This is to name only a few of the opportunities Ginny has used to give of herself and her leadership skills to our town and the State of Arizona.

The choice is clear. We have no one more qualified to be our next mayor than Ginny Dickey.


June 13, 2018

Nancy McNamara: Sensible economic ideas

Dickey delivers and has a great deal to contribute to her family, her friends and our community.

As a fellow resident of Fountain Hills for over 30 years, Ginny has given innate intelligence, energy and integrity to our town as a member of our school board, town council and as a vibrant supporter of our community theatre, which was created by her sister, Val Stasik.

As our potential mayor she will infuse our lovely community with sensible, economical ideas, sound government advice without undue partisan pressure and a deep commitment for what is best for the future of Fountain Hills.

Thank you, Ginny, for all you’ve done and your willingness to undertake the responsibility of becoming our mayor.


June 6, 2018

Jesse James: Public participation

Increasing public participation doesn’t equate to expanding government’s role. Yet that’s exactly how Mr. Cannarsa interpreted mayoral candidate Ginny Dickey’s proposals suggesting more residents have a say in town decision-making.

I know what Ginny said at her Town Talk Tuesday. By the way, has Mr. Yates reached out with multiple open meetings allowing input and questions from residents?

Ginny’s words: “It’s very clear that people have great ideas and a wealth of knowledge. It’s not a new concept for Fountain Hills to rely on volunteers and commissions. It seems we could expand boards and commissions, creating a larger circle to include residents.

“We need leadership’s unwavering support and staff to manage these steps to help us all in the long run. This is where some of the questionable spending comes into play. Eliminating lagoon studies and wayfinding sign projects won’t solve our shortfall, but focusing the funding we do have on better goals to benefit more of us is possible.”

For example, Mr. Yates’ legacy includes support of a $39,000 lagoon study; $160,000 spent this year because Yates supported firing our attorney, a decision likely costing $100,000 more annually; $30,000 yearly Yates wanted for renting space at Park Place, where his employer is now the leasing agent; support of $150,000 on wayfinding signage and $115,000 annually for a communications director.

Ginny said, “To the existing boards and commissions, possibly add committees found in other cities, and suggest staff to help with overall customer service our residents deserve. This is where some of those lesser amounts of funding could be better spent; not reinventing the wheel but finding a way to utilize those citizens’ ideas.”

The facts don’t support trying to frame this as a big government move. I think many residents have tired of this ideological divide. Vote for Ginny!


May 30, 2018

Cynthia Couture: “Go-to” Person

Albert Einstein once said, “The leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity; out of discord, harmony; and out of difficulty, opportunity.”

In our town, we have a mayoral candidate who will be this kind of leader.

For me, my major anxiety is our town’s finances. We’ve voted down the property tax, we seem at odds with each other, and the difficult problem of keeping the town solvent and running efficiently looms. How shall we solve these problems?

Ginny Dickey is a leader with the talent to solve our town’s challenges. I’ve known Ginny for more than a decade. She’s my “go to” person when I need to know anything about this town. Years ago, I asked her why people were so upset about the change in garbage collection. Ginny knew the history, the personalities involved, the legal repercussions and the most logical solutions.

I’ve continued to ask Ginny’s advice concerning town issues, Town Council decisions, even about state concerns. She always knows how the dominoes will fall and what unintended consequences each side of the decision will bring. She recently helped me understand the negative impact of the lagoon proposal, the budgetary hit of uncollected Park Place permits and the unethical firing of the town’s lawyer.

Knowing Ginny, our town will be in good hands. She’s an effective leader with expertise, talent, historical knowledge, vision and passion about our town. In August, vote Ginny for mayor.


May 23, 2018

Christy Baxter: Role model

I have found it somewhat difficult to find successful and positive role models in the world today. Because these individuals are few and far between, I feel incredibly fortunate that a woman I see as a role model is a candidate for mayor of Fountain Hills.

I became familiar with Ginny Dickey in 2016 when she became a write-in candidate for mayor in that election, because she knew it was important for the residents of Fountain Hills to have a choice when voting for mayor. I was very impressed by this, but have gained even more respect for her over the past two years.

Ginny is an extremely accomplished woman. So accomplished, that she was inducted into the Fountain Hills Hall of Fame in 2010. Ginny has experience as a councilwoman in Fountain Hills, and also a degree in mathematics from Tufts University. More importantly to me, Ginny and her family love Fountain Hills. Her children were raised here, went to school here and are successful adults. Ginny also has numerous nieces and nephews that live and work in Fountain Hills.

With Ginny as our mayor, we can rest easy, as she wants the best for all residents. There will be no need to worry about ulterior motives or conflicts of interest. It is time for a change in leadership, and Ginny is just the person to make that happen!


May 23, 2018

Dawn Schlum: Honest and direct

This has been a turbulent, but oftentimes rewarding year for our town. Many personal agendas seem to have gotten in the way of some decisions made. There is, and has always been, one person who always spoke the truth; no hidden agendas, no wishy-washy answers that said absolutely nothing.

That person is Ginny Dickey. What you see is what you get. When she was on the school board and on town council for many years, she continued to speak plain and simple, willing to hear others out and pointing out areas of disagreements. I like that; honest and direct.

This is the kind of mayor we need in Fountain Hills. There is no arguing how much she loves this town and has always volunteered her time and energy throughout her years living here. Please vote for Ginny on Aug. 29 for Mayor and a clear path ahead!


May 16, 2018

Linda Jones: Proven leadership, shared accomplishments.

Ginny Dickey is the best choice, in my opinion, for mayor of Fountain Hills. I was reminded of that while reviewing her mailer from the 2016 election; why I voted for her in 2016 and will again on August 28, 2018.

In 2016, Ginny responded to the current mayor’s claims of having better roads, improved parks and a downtown that is finally being developed. Ginny says to those claims, “We have one better road since we voted to finance it ourselves. Other streets are deteriorating…”

In answer to the claim of having improved parks, Ginny’s response is Fountain Lake and the turf are unacceptable and the urban trails lack proper maintenance.

Finally, is downtown really being developed? Ginny says that the current mayor approved the controversial 54-foot high apartments, outside of our General Plan, partially blocking views. Ginny then said, “Except for those deeds she did ‘on her own,’ the mayor only credits three other councilmembers for ‘creating a town we can all be proud of.’ No mention of staff, citizens, commissioners or her other three council colleagues, let alone mayors and councils that came before.”

One of the current mayor’s three referenced council members? Cecil Yates.

In 2018, some of Ginny’s priorities are to protect and enhance why we chose to live in Fountain Hills; to build and maintain Fountain Hills’ infrastructure, to repair our roads, parks, and buildings, responsibly invest tax-payer funds, restore and strengthen professional, respectful relationships with staff and community partners and more.

With Ginny, I get proven leadership, since 1983. Ginny is prepared to listen to our partners and residents and will share in the accomplishments of joint efforts recognizing that no one alone achieves success for our hometown.

Now is the time. Vote for Ginny Dickey.


May 16, 2018

Carolyn Riske: Thoughtful and prepared

I would like to endorse Ginny Dickey for mayor of Fountain Hills. If you ever attended a Town Council meeting during the eight years she served, you would have seen that she always came prepared with questions and suggestions for the presenters, or about the issues on the meeting agenda.

She did her homework and I thought this helped prove her to be wise and thoughtful. Also, in the 12 years I have lived here, I have not met anyone else who loves this town more. She will do what is best for Fountain Hills!


May 16, 2018

Ann Schweers: Understands local and statewide issues; transparent and open

Many people have expressed their fear of voting for the much-needed property tax because they don’t trust the Town Council to make wise choices when spending this money, based on some very questionable decisions they’ve previously made such as the great lagoon fiasco which cost us $39,000 just to “study the feasibility” of the project.

I understand this reticence, except that the upcoming election gives us all a chance to change the makeup of the council so that different people will have responsibility for allocating town funds. And it’s important to point out that these fears should make your choice for mayor very clear.

When those bad decisions were made, one of the council members voting for them was Cecil Yates. Ginny Dickey was not on the council at that time and vocally questioned the wisdom of the lagoon idea. So if you truly have problems with the decisions made by the prior council and believe there has been poor stewardship of our finances, then you will want to check out the votes of Cecil Yates and Mayor Kavanagh, as that’s where much of the blame lies. Don’t reward the very people who make these unwise expenditures by electing them to another office.

Instead, vote for Ginny Dickey for mayor in August. Ginny has the experience, knowledge, honesty, passion and love for this town that will make her an excellent mayor. She has great understanding of both local and statewide issues and knows how to get things done. And she has pledged to be transparent, open and available to all. In fact, she recommends forming a Citizens Review Committee to advise the council on future large expenditures before they are made.

Join me in voting for Ginny Dickey for mayor of Fountain Hills!

May 2, 2018

Barbara Horch: Ensure a bright future

Ginny Dickey is the mayoral candidate to ensure a bright future for our wonderful Town of Fountain Hills. She has resided in our town for the past 35 years. She is accessible and very inclusive, as well as being honest with demonstrated leadership skills. Ginny has been supporting the community for all her years here. She has been part of the Fountain Hills planning sessions, while serving two terms as councilwoman. She also served as a board member for the Fountain Hills Unified School District, as well as being president of the same board twice. Among Ginny’s other accomplishments: A seven-year charter member of the Fountain Hills Cultural Council board; a nine-year member of the Community Theater Board, earning a 2009 Founders Award; and a 2010 Fountain Hills Hall of Fame inductee. For me, the mayoral race is about choosing the best qualified person for the job, and everything adds up to just one person for my vote: Ginny Dickey. Please join me this coming Tuesday, May 8, at the Community Center at 6:30 p.m. for her next Town Talk Tuesdaymeeting so you can see for yourself her many great ideas for the town. Then, please, join me by voting for Ginny Dickey as the next mayor of Fountain Hills.


April 11, 2018

Kathie Kelly: Family and personal history of volunteerism

Is Cecil Yates supporter Vincent Cannarsa challenging hall-of-famer Ginny Dickey to a Fountain Hills volunteer duel?

His letter last week sounded like a bitter case of “What have you done lately?” Ginny, indeed, has continued to be involved in the betterment of our community, albeit in ways maybe Cannarsa doesn’t value, including fundraising for public art.

It is laughable that he has a statement that starts “for all of 2018” (in his false opinion, Ginny hasn’t been active) when it’s only April. Let’s try “for all of the last 35 years” and see how Cecil Yates fares.

Ginny was an unpaid school board member for eight years. Is Vincent Cannarsa questioning the public service of school board members because it is an elected position? She has served on multiple town, service club and school committees and the PTA board, not to mention classroom helper, chaperone and yes, town councilwoman. Does the writer’s candidate volunteer around town, or have much history of pitching in at the schools? Do we really want to “go there?”

Several of Ginny’s family members are veterans, active or first responders. Does Vincent Cannarsa know what she has done in that regard? Who is he to pick and choose what charities or causes are worthy, including the arts? It is well-established that the theater and her sisters, who he maligns, contribute much to this community. Comparing decades of support for services to – say, constructing half a mile of road someplace over twenty years – is silly.

Try as he may, writing a letter on the false premise that Ginny Dickey somehow hasn’t volunteered the right way, or recently enough, will fall flat from the weight of its own absurdity.

Vote Ginny for mayor.


April 11, 2018

Lezlie Cox: Thirty solid years of service to community

A letter by Vincent Cannarsa denigrates Ginny Dickey for her experience in politics. Ludicrous, given the overt self-aggrandizement of his candidate, Cecil Yates.

Ginny indeed has dedicated time to running for mayor, to serve as she has in the past, with no personal benefit or special interest motivation. Yates is abandoning his commitment to serve as a councilman in order to pursue higher office. How blatantly politically ambitious is that?

Cannarsa criticizes Ginny’s past opposition to expanding the use of banner signs, incorrectly stating she didn’t explain. She had earlier, actually: Councilmember Dickey commented, “That (is) the question. How do they define a special event?” She said that they don’t – that was the problem. She added, “If there is no definition for something that is unique or special, then basically they are allowing another sign for two weeks a month.”

I for one am glad that at least one councilmember cared about those unsightly banners, plus upwards of 80 percent compliance violation! You don’t need a math degree, though Ginny has one, to see little had been done to show good faith toward the rule of law respecting our residents.

Ginny is a proud retiree of the State of Arizona, starting her career under Governor Hull and extending a full year into Governor Brewer’s administration; Cannarsa, wrong again.

She attended the very first Fountain Hills town hall in 1984, as did I, and stepped down from council in 2014 with 30 solid years between of public service, private and public employment and raising three sons.

She and her family, including her physician dad and concert violinist mom who moved here in 1979, have added much to the fabric of Fountain Hills with no self-enrichment or benefit other than helping to create a home town filled with memories of community.


April 11, 2018

Ann Schweers: Strong proponent of transparent, open government

Were you one of the Fountain Hills' citizens who objected to the lagoon project and the spending of $40,000 simply to “study the feasibility” of this plan?

Or, were you one of the people who thought the Park Place development should have stuck to the height requirements, paid their fees on time, or used colors that fit in better with our beautiful desert town?

Or, maybe you have simply been bothered by the firing of the town attorney in a rather unprofessional way, or the lack of transparency at council meetings, or failing to get input from the public by making decisions in closed special sessions?

Then you have to know that Cecil Yates was one of the three council members (along with the mayor) who helped make these questionable decisions.

Citizens have expressed worry about voting for the property tax because they fear unwise decisions regarding spending this money. If changes aren’t made to the makeup of the town governing body then I might be worried, too. But we need these funds to maintain the fountain, our parks, the roads, our services – all the things that make Fountain Hills special.

What is the answer, then? The obvious answer is to vote for and elect Ginny Dickey as mayor. She is a strong proponent of transparent, open government which seeks input from all the citizens. In fact, she favors establishing a “citizen review committee” to sign off on the use of these tax funds. She has lived in this town for 34 years and has vast experience in many areas including the school board and the town council.

Ginny will keep Fountain Hills, the town she loves so much, beautiful and well-maintained and the town council open and responsible to the people. She’ll be an excellent mayor.

Vote for Ginny Dickey.


April 11, 2018

Kim Ptak: Positive, non-partisan, issue-driven decision maker

In the upcoming mayoral race, let me help make the choice clear. If ever there was a longstanding pillar of the community, it is Ginny Dickey.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ginny for 34 years, shortly after she moved here, a member of a founding and multi-talented family of Fountain Hills, that of top surgeon Dr. Vincent Russo.

This apple didn’t fall far from the tree, with Ginny’s Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Tufts University. With a well-rounded love for cultural enrichment as well, Ginny hit the ground running, getting involved in helping establish the quality of character of this unique town as a beautiful environment to live, but also of quality schools and businesses.

Her website, ginnydickey4mayor.com, has details on her vast experience and community awards, from twice local school board president to cultural, business and environmental board positions, both at the local and state agency levels.

Now about the person. The first thing you notice about Ginny is her authentic smile, which never leaves her face, even when she talks. It is an expression of her incredibly effervescent, positive attitude toward everything she does, and that will be an invaluable asset as mayor, combined with her ability and priority to listen and evaluate all perspectives and concerns.

I know her to be a non-partisan, issue-driven decision maker, which would be a welcome change from the too often alienating and negative atmosphere with leadership of the current town council. With her education, experience and character noted above, she would be a trustworthy arbiter of tax expenditures on much-needed improvements and maximum quality of life in Fountain Hills.


March 28, 2018

Joe Joyce: Vote for Ginny for transparent government

Do you know Ginny Dickey? I do.

Ginny has been a resident of Fountain Hills for 35 years. She attends all the Fountain Hills activities, is very visible, accessible, a great listener, open, honest, inclusive and she has wonderful leadership skills. With all of these attributes, I think Ginny is the best candidate for mayor of Fountain Hills. Ginny will bring transparency back to our town council.

Ginny has been active in our community since 1983. She was involved in Fountain Hills planning sessions, served two terms as a town councilwoman, was a board member of Fountain Hills Unified School District and twice was the president of the board. She was a charter member of the Fountain Hills Cultural Council board for seven years, served nine years on the Community Theater Board (earning their Founders Award in 2009), and was inducted into the Fountain Hills Hall of Fame in 2010. You just can’t beat that local record!

This is not about politics. It’s about having the most qualified person as mayor of Fountain Hills. Simply put – we need Ginny! She is passionate about the future of Fountain Hills and she’s spot-on about priorities for protecting and enhancing our community.

Join me in voting for Ginny Dickey.

By law, Cecil Yates needs to resign his council seat by May 30 to run for mayor. But if he doesn’t resign until after April 30, the current council will appoint his replacement, who would then serve until Dec. 2020. Cecil should do the right thing and resign before April 30 so that “we the people” have the opportunity to vote for the candidate we want to replace him on Aug. 28. If Cecil refuses to do this, why would you ever vote for him as mayor?

March 28, 2018

Tom Lawrence: Support for Ginny from a former Principal and Superintendent

As a resident whose family has had the privilege of living and working in Fountain Hills for over 30 years, I’m writing to encourage voters to elect Ginny Dickey as our next mayor.

Ginny has devoted a considerable amount of time and energy making Fountain Hills a place in which we can all be proud. In her 35 years as a Fountain Hills resident, Ginny has served this community as a two-term board member for the Fountain Hills Unified School District, a two-term Fountain Hills town councilwoman, a board member for the Fountain Hills Community Theater, and served many years on various community organizations and committees; all in the interest of making Fountain Hills a better place.

Having worked with Ginny during my tenure as an administrator and superintendent in the Fountain Hills Unified School District, I have always known her to be a forward thinker and a responsible steward of limited resources. As a member and past president of the school board, Ginny was instrumental in helping the district become a leader in innovative programs, establishing a comprehensive curriculum and providing oversite to a multimillion dollar budget that included extensive remodeling to existing schools, as well as the construction of a new, state of the art middle school.

Ginny has never been afraid to confront the issues facing Fountain Hills. She approaches her civic responsibilities with the utmost integrity, honesty and openness; and has a proven record of courage in the face of adversity and inclusiveness in times of partisanship. Her leadership style is one that seeks consensus through the sharing of information and the intensive study of the facts.

Please join me in voting Ginny Dickey for mayor.


March 14, 2018

Dave Adkins support letter

Do you know Ginny Dickey? I do.

Ginny has been a resident of Fountain Hills for 35 years. She attends all the Fountain Hills activities, is very visible, accessible, a great listener, open, honest, inclusive and she has wonderful leadership skills. With all of these attributes, I think Ginny is the best candidate for mayor of Fountain Hills. Ginny will bring transparency back to our town council.

Ginny has been active in our community since 1983. She was involved in Fountain Hills planning sessions, served two terms as a town councilwoman, was a board member of Fountain Hills Unified School District and twice was the president of the board. She was a charter member of the Fountain Hills Cultural Council board for seven years, served nine years on the Community Theater Board (earning their Founders Award in 2009), and was inducted into the Fountain Hills Hall of Fame in 2010. You just can’t beat that local record!

This is not about politics. It’s about having the most qualified person as mayor of Fountain Hills. Simply put – we need Ginny! She is passionate about the future of Fountain Hills and she’s spot-on about priorities for protecting and enhancing our community.

Join me in voting for Ginny Dickey.

By law, Cecil Yates needs to resign his council seat by May 30 to run for mayor. But if he doesn’t resign until after April 30, the current council will appoint his replacement, who would then serve until Dec. 2020. Cecil should do the right thing and resign before April 30 so that “we the people” have the opportunity to vote for the candidate we want to replace him on Aug. 28. If Cecil refuses to do this, why would you ever vote for him as mayor?


March 14, 2018

Vanessa Davisson family values

There’s no corner on family values in Fountain Hills. I should know. My sister, Ginny Dickey, has lived here for 34 years and raised three boys, all educated in our school district. We’re now deep into our second generation of kids enrolled here!

In 1979, our parents chose Fountain Hills with family in mind; a brilliant choice! They also chose to give back in a big way. We all did. It runs in the family.

To us, “family values” is more than a phrase. It is about being generous with our talents and time. For Ginny, it has been about making a commitment to Fountain Hills by volunteering her time and representing her neighbors on councils, boards and commissions. It’s about supporting the arts through direct participation in cultural events. It’s about helping steer the community forward, doing whatever possible to make Fountain Hills “All that is Arizona.”

For many years Ginny demonstrated her family values by working hard in this community. She watched it grow up. She was committed to this town long before it was a town; long before Palisades Blvd., FireRock and Eagle Mountain existed. She was there for the Preserve trailhead and the Botanical Garden. She helped foster realization of local schools and has been an active participant in every Town Hall since 1984.

My sister, Ginny, advocated for Fountain Hills legislatively at state and local levels, honorably representing residents to elected leaders and seeking improvements via road, fire and sanitary districts, Fort McDowell community, as FHUSD board president, vice mayor and councilwoman.

Real family values mean being part of the community in every way, because you want everyone’s children and grandchildren to live well and care for our beautiful town. The result? A bright future of extended family members that call Fountain Hills their forever home.​


March 7, 2018

Marian Hermie: Collaborative Leadership

It is with great enthusiasm I support Ginny Dickey’s candidacy for mayor of Fountain Hills. Having worked with Ginny during my tenure as superintendent of the Fountain Hills School District from 2002-2007, I can attest to her many leadership skills that qualify her to serve as mayor for our town.

First, Ginny is a devoted citizen to Fountain Hills. While living here for 34 years, she has been an active and integral part of the community by serving as a member of the school district’s governing board, serving as a member of the town’s council and being involved in countless community activities and organizations.

She demonstrates great strength in the areas of communication and collaboration by creating platforms for citizens to give input to the running of our institutions. She thoroughly studies each issue set before her and seeks ideas to solve problems before moving forward in her decision-making. Ginny genuinely listens to her constituents and firmly believes in inclusiveness when seeking input on issues.

Second, Ginny has also served our community by representing Fountain Hills in the greater Arizona arena. Having worked for the AZ Department of Environmental Quality, Ginny interfaced with many of our state’s leaders and brought forward our town’s fine reputation as a place that values quality of life. Keeping our natural resources of clean air and dark skies is important to Ginny and her connections to legislators in our state have aided us in this arena, as well as many others.

It is always good to see a candidate who is not afraid to debate issues and to listen to others’ concerns. Ginny Dickey is the quality candidate who will inclusively lead our town on its continued path of excellence. I urge you to vote for Ginny in the upcoming mayoral race this coming August.

March 7, 2018

Ginny Dickey: Quality of life at issue

Thirty-five years ago, my family chose Fountain Hills for our home town; a decision that has now spanned generations and provided many happy memories and experiences that continue today.

However, our basic quality of life is being diminished by a lack of reliable resources, making it now more difficult for the town to attract residents of all ages, encourage economic activity and provide for our residents.

Prior to 2002, our community had fire and road districts. We all paid primary property taxes for streets and fire protection, in addition to those that currently exist. The loss of those taxes, in addition to other factors such as decreased State Shared Revenue allocation, formerly available sources removed by State law, and diversion of road revenue away from municipalities since 2003, have left Fountain Hills unable to sustain our assets or offer adequate public service.

That said, I recognize $7 million is a big ask. If the tax passes, we should ask for a citizen oversight committee, with open opportunities to participate, to insure the supplemental funding is properly, transparently focused. We will see a large majority of funds ($4 million) being targeted to specific roads easily identified as needing replacement, every year. The rest would go to public safety, which is half our budget, other infrastructure needs and to replace the removal of the environmental fee.

I respect the sacrifice of our community’s property owners facing this decision. In the spirit of my family’s initial faith and commitment to our town, I support the proposed tax and encourage the voters of Fountain Hills to approve this request.


March 7, 2018

Sharon Ehrlich: Faith in government

I am voting in favor of the primary property tax because I want to invest in my community. I used the calculator on the town website and determined that for about the cost of what I pay for Starbucks coffee each month, I can help keep the fountain working, pave my streets and maintain the parks.

I have read many letters from residents who do not want to have the tax because they feel they cannot trust the town council to use the money wisely. I too am concerned because of what appears to be backdoor deals, plans made in secret, etc. in the past few years.

So, to help ensure I know where my tax money is spent, I am supporting Ginny Dickey for mayor. She has spent her adult life working for the town either as an elected official or as a volunteer on numerous boards and committees. She has not used her public service as a platform to further her political career or for financial gain.

I am not concerned with the label of “liberal.” I am concerned that decisions about my town be made openly and not behind closed doors. I believe Ginny Dickey sincerely wants to help restore some faith in our town government. So, I am supporting her effort for mayor.