Final Town Talk Tuesday, May 8

Hard to believe we just completed my fourth and final Town Talk Tuesday!


We discussed a Citizen Budget Oversight Commission... whether the tax passes or not. We also talked about public safety and other committees, and staffing. 

Residents asked about keeping citizens better informed, the property tax, the lagoon and Park Place, the proposed EPCOR rate increase, green communities and the challenges of short term rentals. There was great conversation and a "guest appearance" by Sanitary District Board Member Thomas Reski. It's all about partnerships and working together!

How to vote by mail... it may be complicated! 4.10.18

 Resign to run audience discussion  4.10.18

 General Q&A, EPCOR  4.10.18

Appointing Council Members, Adero Canyon, capital projects (Video 4.10.18)

Lagoon, fire station, various topics (Video from 4.10.18

Theater, Park Place apartments, conclusion (Video from 4.10.18)

Tuesday Talks 3.13.18


0:00     Welcome and tonight’s TTT topics

2:00     Overview of municipalities in AZ

6:30     Role of Mayor/Council and government

10:15   Local expectations and conduct

22:30   Summary

23:45   Q&A: speeding/traffic concerns

27:00   Proposed senior home by McDonalds

32:00   Multi-generational goals

39:15   Infill, empty stores

42:30   Public relations department, idea clearinghouse

49:25   Conclusion

Tuesday Talks 2.13.18


00:00 – Jim Dickey welcome, info and introduction

03:30 – Ginny history/bio

11:00 – Reasons for running

20:00 – Council accomplishments during Ginny’s tenure

28:00 – Q&A: Tax (+Cynthia Magazine @ 31 :00)

40:00 – Q&A: Infill, economic development

45:00 – Tax revisited; general comments

52:00 – State Trust Land Development

55:00 – Candidate contrasts and closing remarks